Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions

We created this Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions page to help you get immediate answers to our most common Computer Repair FAQs. You can also view our Instagram from repair photos, or read our Computer Repair Blog.

Do I need an appointment to bring in my computer for repair?

Nope! You can just bring in your computer to our shop, no appointment necessary. We operate on a first come first serve basis, but we do offer Rush Service if you need your computer back right away. We only need appointments for onsite service.

What do I need to bring with me when dropping off my computer?

For desktop computers, all you need to bring in is the tower.

For laptops, please bring in the charger. We do not need your laptop case.

Also, if you are having a problem with a specific device (ex. your computer speakers aren’t working) please bring in that device.

Do you repair and service laptops?

Yes, we are a full-service laptop repair center. We can fix your laptop power jack if it is loose, replace laptop screens, and replace broken hinges, or order any parts (ex. batteries, chargers, etc.) you may need.

Do you make onsite (house) calls?

Yes! We have an excellent team that will come to your home or business to fix any problems you may have. We just request you schedule an appointment as far in advance as possible.

I accidently deleted some important files, is there anyway to get them back?

Yes, in many cases we can recover deleted data in our shop, and if we can’t we can refer you to a local data recovery specialist. If you are in this predicament, we recommend you stop using the computer immediately. The more you use the computer after you deleted the files the more difficult it becomes and less likely we can achieve the results you desire. Again, stop using the computer immediately and bring it into our shop for your best chances of recovery.

Where can I see a list of your PC repair services?

Well, aren’t you a curious one? Fortunately for you, we have nothing to hide, so we made a page just for you that list all our PC repair services! It has Apple Mac services on it too. Click here to check it out. You can also read an overview of our services by click here.

How much do typical repairs cost?

Glad you asked! We offer all our pricing online in an effort to be totally transparent with our customers. You can view pricing here: Mesa Computer Repair Pricing

How long will it take to get my computer back?

It depends on the issue (and how busy we are) but most repairs are done the same day or next day! Advanced repairs or repairs that require ordered parts can take longer depending on a variety of circumstances. We take pride in having extremely fast turn-around and in many cases we have fixed our customers computers on the spot for them. All of our repairs are done “in-house” to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible.

How much do you charge to look at my computer and tell me whats wrong with it?

If you bring in your computer to our shop, our diagnosis is FREE! We set up your computer in front of you and assess your issues on the spot as best we can. In some cases, we would have you drop off your computer and we will call you with diagnostic results.

Do you service Apple Macs?

Yes, we work on Mac Laptops and Desktops, and iMac’s for both hardware and software issues. We can even make Macs and PC’s work together in your network.

Do you sell computers and parts?

No. We find that shops that offer sales have a tendency to find more “wrong” with your computer than there really is. If your computer repair requires a part, we will purchase parts on your behalf with no markup. You simply reimburse us for our cost.

I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with my computer, can you still help me if I can't explain the issue?

Of course! We don’t expect you to know what’s wrong or the cause. When you bring in your computer to our shop, we set it up right in front of you and go over all of the issues we can see. This way you can describe the problems you are having with the computer in the best way possible.

Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions that were not answered in our Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions above before bringing your computer in, our friendly staff is always happy to answer any of your questions, over the phone. Call 602-935-8365