Valley Geeks – Closed

Valley Geeks at 101 & Baseline Rd is Closed

Did you use to get computer repair service at Valley Geeks near the 101 & Baseline?Valley Geeks Store Closed

Well, if you didn’t know, it’s gone. But, the good news is that there is computer repair shop not too far that’s 5 Star Rated for fixing computers. The shop is Fast Fix Computer Repair, where you’re reading this.

We offer better pricing than Valley Geeks did at their retail location and we fix just about everything the same day it arrives.

This new shop not far from where Valley Geeks was is much nicer than theirs was too. It’s next to Safeway at SWC of Alma School Rd & Guadalupe Rd.

Here are a few Google Reviews of our service.

Fast Fix Computer Repair was absolutely fantastic and Nick when out of his way to help. Initially, I went to a competitor because it was closer to my house. They threw their hands in the air and said we can’t help you. Nick at Fast Fix told me exactly what I needed and made sure I got my heat sink secured back on my board. Thanks again! Highly recommend! – Kurtis K.

Fast Fix is a great place to service your computer. They are honest and do great work. My first experience was great. They fixed my laptop perfectly running like its brand new and at a cost that won’t break you. Their name says it all. They fixed it at the time they said they would. I am definitely a returning customer. I appreciate your service. Thank you. – Enedina S.

Excellent service. They replaced my hard drive in my laptop in three hours, they advised me what hardware to buy online. Now my computer is extremely fast and responsive; it boots up in five seconds. They didn’t do extra work, but rather just what I needed! Honest and very good service. Yes I would recommend. – John G.

So, if you used to go to Valley Geeks, and you found out it’s closed. Come see us or call 602-935-8365.

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