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Mesa Computer Repair Laptop Repair Upgrade

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We often get PC Gamers (#pcgamers) in our shop wanting to maximize every bit of their gaming PC. See us for your Gaming Computer Repair (Laptop or Desktop), we know how to squeeze every millisecond out of it!

This gaming computer repair and upgrade were on an Alienware gaming laptop. After some extensive testing to figure out why our customer was seeing stuttering after hours-long sessions. We discovered that it was thermal throttling, but only in certain situations.

Once we determined the issue(s) we proceeded to clean the entire gaming computer, apply new high-quality thermal compounds and thermal pads where they were needed. After this, we ran our stress test again, as we do on all gaming computer repairs, and the computer ran much cooler than stock and our customer no longer experienced thermal throttling.

Mesa Computer Repair Laptop Repair Upgrade
Mesa Computer Repair Alienware Laptop Repair Upgrade


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