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Affordable Computer Repair can be misleading.

Lots and lots of computer companies claim to be affordable, and some are, but let’s break this down into a few categories.

Affordable Computer Repair vs. Good Computer Repair

The first comparison for affordable computer repair and this is the single biggest consideration when to weigh when deciding if “Affordable” means cheap and not good work, or truly an “Affordable” good deal.

We know of many-many shops around The Valley that claim to be affordable, but they do terrible work, their office, shop or home, are highly suspect and not at all welcoming. They are not upfront with pricing, they pin problems on you the customer, etc.

We overcome this by offering mega competitive, affordable computer repair prices. While at the same time offering a genuine retail location in a very nice area of Mesa, next to a Safeway. Our retail computer repair shop is well lit, open, and welcoming. We invite you to stop by and check it out. You will see why our Affordable Computer Repair claim is legitimate.

Computer Repair Shop Next To Safeway In Mesa Southwest Corner of Alma School Rd & Guadalupe Rd
Fast Fix Computer Repair Location Next To Safeway


Fast Fix Computer Repair's Customer Lobby
Fast Fix Computer Repair’s Customer Lobby & Tech Bench

Affordable Computer Repair vs. Time To Fix Computer

The second consideration to make when deciding is Affordable Computer Repair is a real claim by a company or not is how long will it take to fix your computer. Affordable can often mean the shop or technician is repairing computers as a second or third job. This can cause serious delays in getting your computer repaired and back to working order.

For us, fixing computers is our full-time job. It’s all we do, it’s all we love to do. The vast majority of our computer repairs are completed the same-day in our Mesa Computer Repair Shop.

Affordable Computer Repair vs. Affordable Definition

The last thing to figure out is just what quantifies affordable? For us, this was to look at the most expensive options, the cheapest options, and land somewhere in the middle. But, we did one additional HUGE benefit for our customers. WE DO NOT MARK-UP PARTS. We will help you source the best deals for your parts, whether ist’s eBay, Amazon, or some other place that has the best deal on whatever you need for your computer repair. You then simply reimburse us, or you can buy the part and bring it in and pay us just for our labor.

Affordable computer repair to us means being upfront with our pricing which you can view [here], being honest about the repairs needed for your computer and most of all doing the work as quickly and correctly as possible. We want to earn your 5 Star rating, not buy it and not beg for it.

We hope you’ll give us a shot at fixing your computers! –Fast Fix Computer Repair

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