Custom Ryzen PC Build – Purity

Local Custom Ryzen PC Builder

Custom Ryzen PC Build – Purity

Now that’s it’s been delivered we can tell you a bit about this epic local pc gaming build. The owner followed his pc build progress on our Instagram. But, nothing looks better than in person.

Local PC Gaming Build Specifications:Custom Ryzen PC Build - Purity

  • Phanteks Evlov X Case
  • AMD Ryzen 2 – 1700X
  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM
  • 500GB Samsung Evo 870 Pro
  • 1TB Western Digital
  • ASUS Crosshair HERO VII Motherboard
  • Corsair RM1000 Power Supply
  • Custom Purple Sleeving
  • Enermax NEO Changer RGB Reservoir
  • 6x Corsair RGB Fans
  • 2x Alpha Cool 320 Radiators
  • ASUS Strix 1080ti 11GB GPU
  • Thermaltake RGB Strix Waterblock
  • Custom 12mm ID Water Loops
  • White Coolant

As a local pc gaming builder, I’m always honored when someone trusts me to build their dream custom PC!

This particular pc gaming build was special. It was really clean, and parts were used from previous water cooled pc builds. We spent quite a bit of time cleaning and testing every component before putting it all together.

Our customer with his custom AMD Ryzen PC, along with its ASUS Strix 1080ti will crush gaming! This customer did a great job picking out components that compliment each other with almost no help from us. Although, we are happy to help with this.

Every effort was taken to utilize this cases clean aesthetic and keep cable management at the top of our list along with custom Ryzen pc hardline water runs.

Go ahead and read more about our custom PC building services here. We also service all gaming PCs. 

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